Petrol Rs 34: Expensive, diesel car owners in Punjab in 1-2 days


New Delhi: Petrol and diesel prices are now at record highs. Petrol and diesel prices have been hiked by 35 paise today, but in the last two years, petrol has gone up by Rs 34 and diesel by Rs 29.5.

petrol prices up by rs 34

In Punjab, the price of petrol has crossed Rs 108 in many places. At the same time, there can be a strong shock in 1-2 days regarding diesel. In Punjab, diesel can cost up to Rs 100. Diesel prices crossed Rs 98 on Friday. In Mumbai, the price of diesel has gone up to Rs 103.63 per liter. Oil companies have been raising prices almost daily since last month, with petrol going up by Rs 5 and diesel by Rs 6 per liter.

In Ludhiana, petrol was priced at Rs 108.54 per liter while diesel was priced at Rs 98.37 per liter. In Jalandhar, petrol is priced at Rs 107.86 per liter and diesel at Rs 97.76 per liter. In Amritsar, petrol has gone up to Rs 108.60 per liter while diesel has gone up to Rs 98.44 per liter.

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In Mohali, the price of petrol has gone up to Rs 108.97 per liter and diesel to Rs 98.77 per liter. In the national capital, petrol is now priced at Rs 106.89 per liter and diesel at Rs 95.62 per liter. It may be recalled that the price of crude oil has doubled globally in a year, which has made petrol and diesel more expensive here as well. Meanwhile, neither the Center nor the state governments are in the mood to provide relief by cutting taxes. Brent crude is currently trading at around 82 82 a barrel.

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