Petrol in Punjab, new record for diesel, diesel in Leh over Rs 100


Inflation continues to hit. Today, petrol has gone up by 30 paise and diesel by 35 paise per liter. As a result, the price of diesel in places like Gandhinagar and Leh has crossed Rs 100 per liter. Hundreds of petrol in Chandigarh too Has been killed. In Delhi, petrol is priced at Rs 104.14 per liter and in Mumbai at Rs 110.12 per liter.

Hundreds hit by petrol
Hundreds hit by petrol

In Chandigarh, petrol has gone up to Rs 100.24 per liter and diesel to Rs 92.55 per liter. Diesel is now priced at Rs 100.21 per liter in Gandhi Nagar, Gujarat and Rs 100.06 per liter in Leh, Ladakh.

Rates of major cities of Punjab: According to Indian Oil Corporation, petrol and diesel prices have gone up in these parts of Punjab. In Ludhiana, petrol is priced at Rs 105.85 and diesel at Rs 95.55. Jalandhar has also seen an increase. In Jalandhar, petrol is priced at Rs 105.17 and diesel at Rs 94.94. In Mohali, petrol is priced at Rs 106.28 and diesel at Rs 95.95. In Amritsar, petrol has gone up to Rs 105.91 and diesel to Rs 95.62. In Patiala, petrol is priced at Rs 105.68 and diesel at Rs 95.40 today.

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