Petrol and diesel can be expensive by Rs 5, LPG price may also increase


Crude oil (Brent crude) has once again approached 80 80 in the international market. With this, crude oil has reached a three-year high.

Before In October 2018, it was 78 78.24 Per barrel was reached. Petrol and diesel prices are likely to go up by up to Rs 5 in the coming days due to the rise in crude oil prices. Fuel experts have made this estimate.

Petrol and diesel can expensive
Petrol and diesel can expensive

Anuj Gupta, vice-president, IIFL Securities, told Hindustan that crude oil prices have risen from 69 69.70 a barrel to close at 80 80 a barrel in the last one month. Crude oil prices have risen by about 12 per cent in a month. There is no prospect of a reduction in crude oil prices in the coming days, as demand for crude oil has increased due to the pace of vaccination around the world. Supply does not continue with the increase in demand. This is expected to push prices higher. This is sure to have an impact on the Indian oil market. Petrol and diesel prices are likely to go up by Rs 5 a liter in the Indian market in the coming months.

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