Patiala city received a gift, CM Mann inaugurated the new bus stand, direct attacks on opponents


Patiala: Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh Mann today gifted a new bus stand to the residents of Patiala. Mann has informed in his address that its building will have 45 counters, 4 lifts and ramps have been specially made for disabled persons. All kinds of facilities will be available in its building. The problems of this bus stand, built at a cost of around 60 crores on 8.5 acres of land, will be removed over time. A special place has been made in this building for drivers and conductors to rest and many other cities will have such bus stands.


Apart from this, Chief Minister Mann has also announced that electric buses with 15-20 seats will be run in Patiala, which will run all over the city. Apart from this, more sub-tehsils will be created and more schools will be opened in Punjab. After the green Ashtham issued for factories, the color of the Ashtam will also be changed for buying and selling colonies-plots.

Mann has also targeted opponents in his address. He has said that the people of Punjab want to see Punjab on new lines. New schemes are being launched every day. By asking the people, their problems are being solved and canal water has reached the fields.

In the Lok Sabha elections held in Jalandhar, the votes fell for development works while the others sought votes on the basis of caste and religion.

Mann has also informed that tomorrow the cabinet meeting will be held in Jalandhar, in which the problems of the people will also be heard. Many more schemes will be announced in the coming days. Mann also mentioned the announcements made yesterday regarding paddy and said that canal water will be brought to every farm by next year, which will save electricity and water.

Attacks on the opposition parties

Mann has also directly attacked the opposition party and said that the opposition party has spread false propaganda against me but the votes given to AAP have answered them. Now the opposition party is sitting silently. Mann also said that he used to meet everyone during the road shows but the opposition bens used to show arrogance on the stages. They had extra confidence that we will win but people have responded to them. They suffer from the daughters and sons of common houses because they had to advance their daughters and sons. When the people of Jalandhar pressed a button, many people’s mouths were closed. Those who empty the treasury of Punjab will be punished by law. People should avoid their negative publicity.

Mann has also responded to the propaganda being made by the opposition that he got 35 percent of the vote and said that those saying this should remember Modi’s vote in 2014 when he got 22 percent of the vote.

Chief Minister Mann criticized Sukhbir Badal that he has to use as much intelligence as he has. Regarding Majithia, he has said that now I should pay attention to the words of these people, who honored the murderers by inviting them to a dinner at home. had done In the elections held in Amritsar, they kept fighting with each other, but people voted for others. Mann has claimed that they will not read a Punjabi newspaper and they are teaching me the importance of speaking in the mother tongue.

He attacked Sukhbir Badal of Manpreet Badal in a humorous manner and said that they have a common wall but the flags are different and there the flags of different parties are flying in the two floors of the house of Kadi Bajwa Sahib. Now they will tell how to run Punjab. Those who study in expensive vehicles and big schools cannot understand the pain of common people of Punjab.


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