Pathi Singhs fierce conflict with SGPC!

Bureau Report: SGPC seems to be surrounded by controversies. Now the Pathi Singhs have made serious accusations of blasphemy against the Sromani Committee, they also had a heated argument with the employees of the SGPC. He said that the committee has hired such students who have no knowledge of Gurbani and have not even passed the test. Even the complete number of verses of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji cannot be read. They do not even know how to respect Guru Sahib. Apart from this, the protesting Pathi Singhs said that such Pathi Singhs are kept because they please their bosses.

The Pathi Singhs alleged that the SGPC another lie accused them that they have refused to perform their duty that is why Akhand Patha is not being started which is completely wrong. He said that we held only one meeting but after that he had a heated argument with the SGPC employees. Pathi Singhs have alleged that it is very sad that the committee is glorifying its own Pathi Singhs. He said that we want to tell the Sangat that we have never refused to perform the duty of Akhand Path, we are only opposing those reciters who have not done the test recitation. However, no SGPC jawan has come on this till now. Earlier, Ragi Singh has also opened a front against the committee. 2 years ago, Ragi Singhs complained about the behavior of Jagtar Singh, the then Head Granthi of Sri Darbar Sahib, when there was no hearing, the Ragi Union protested. He resigned himself.

Disputes about the committee in the last 3 months

In the last three months, SGPC seems to be surrounded by controversies. First, the case of 1 crore scam in dry anchor came to light, then the committee suspended 51 employees on the basis of the report, then when the suspended employees formed a union, half of the employees were recalled. After this came the case of FD in a low interest bank. Then a complaint was made to the Minority Commission that the member of SGPC from Sri Anandpur Sahib bought a place at a higher price and also gave the canteen contract to his son. The National Commission had asked the Punjab government to investigate the matter. To which the committee had strongly objected.

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