Parents came to meet Amritpal in Dibrugarh jail

His parents reached Dibrugarh Jail in Assam to meet the pro-Khalistan heir Punjab chief Amritpal Singh. After the meeting, Amritpal’s mother and father said that today was their first meeting in jail. Mother Balwinder Kaur said that her son is in jail in Chaddikala. He said that the government is bullying them.

Amritpal’s mother also appealed to the central and state governments to release Amritpal and his accomplices immediately. The father said that as long as Amritpal is in jail here, some person from home will keep visiting him. The parents had also brought food and drinks with them. But the jail administration kept all the stuff.

Mother and father Tarsem Singh said that the prison administration said that the goods they have brought will be checked and handed over to Amritpal. About 10 persons including his wife came to meet Amritpal 14 days ago. But this time only his mother Balwinder Kaur and father Tarsem Singh came to meet Amritpal in Dibrugarh Jail.

Amritpal’s parents arrived with former Barnala MP and advocate Rajdev Singh Khalsa and another lawyer Brij Sharma. Advocate Brij Sharma said that he will meet Amritpal’s uncle Harjit Singh. He is giving bail to all the people of Punjab who have not been charged with NSA. Today is the first meeting of the parents in the jail.

The wife came to meet the SGPC group
On May 4, his wife Kirandeep Kaur came with a group of the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee to meet Khalistani supporter and successor Punjab chief Amritpal Singh. During this visit, Amritpal met his wife in jail. Earlier, when lawyers and other relatives came for the meeting, Amritpal gave a demand letter. In which a message was given to the society.

Amritpal was arrested after being on the run for 36 days
Waris Punjab chief Amritpal Singh has been captured by the Punjab Police from the Gurdwara Sahib of village Rode in Moga district after being on the run for 36 days. After this, the Punjab Police took him to the Air Force Station in Bathinda. From there he was taken to Assam, Punjab Police handed over Amritpal to Dibrugarh Jail Authority.

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