Opponents call Mann a ‘liar’

The Khals Bureau:- Opposition leader Pratap Singh Bajwa attacked Chief Minister Mann and said that Chief Minister Mann has a habit of telling lies. By confusing a noble person, they have taken the accusing father and son into a trap. He said that it was being made and presented like this, but nothing came out of it. The former Chief Minister is being talked about again and again but Kataruchak has not been mentioned till date that he has not committed any corruption or that all that he has done is not under any crime.
Bajwa also mentioned former cabinet minister Inderbir Singh Nijhar and said that Dr. He has been expelled from the cabinet for speaking in favor of the sympathizers.
Chief Khalsa Diwan president and MBBS degree holder Dr. Balkar Singh of Nijhar is accused of forging a certificate to get his son a job. Bajwa tightened his grip and said that Mann himself has passed 12th and in the coming days, he will not let anyone stay in the cabinet who has read more than him. Bajwa has said that there is a matter of pointing two but there are many pictures of Kejriwal and Mann, where they themselves are making such gestures.
In response to a question, he has clarified that the Punjab Congress and the High Command will not cooperate with him in the matter of the ultimatum of the Central Government. Maan should clean his ministers first, come to us later.

MLA and Congress leader Pargat Singh, while giving information, has said that only those who have won Commonwealth, Olympic and Asia level medals in sports are offered class one jobs. He said that the accused boy had passed PCS but could not qualify in sports, due to which PPS C had put him in the journal category.

This matter is being raised only to create sensation. MLA Pargat Singh has claimed that all this action is being taken to divert people’s attention.

He challenged and said that this player cannot be given a job in this category. If the government gives respect, then there will be 2 to 3 thousand such children, to whom it is not possible for the government to provide employment. He reiterated that only Commonwealth, Olympic and Asian medalists get jobs. If we talk about cricket, only Harbhajan Singh and player Amandeep Kaur have been given the job because they achieved achievements at the international level. This player is a spare and how can the Punjab government give him a job? If she gives, then there are 2000-3000 more players in this category. He said that the Hon’ble government is only making dramas.

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