On action in drug case, Mukesh Khanna said: The accused should be punished

Drugs Case mukesh khannaActor Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan is in jail in a cruise drugs case. The name of Chunky Pandey’s daughter and actress Ananya Pandey has also come to light in the case. Today, the NCB questioned Ananya Pandey for about two hours. One by one, the names of people associated with the film industry are coming to the fore in drug cases.

Drugs Case mukesh khanna

Well known TV and film actor Mukesh Khanna has said that the matter should be investigated and if found guilty, he should be punished.

Asked about targeting Bollywood, Khanna said, “Not just Bollywood, the whole country needs to be cleansed. Bollywood is no different from our country. The names of such people come to the fore, whom these people consider their glamor. If their son or someone is caught, they ask why they are going to Bollywood. “

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He said, “Everyone, whether he is a celebrity or an ordinary citizen, has his Check Should be and if he is found guilty in the investigation, he should be punished. I believe With these names No It doesn’t matter whose son it is, whose daughter it is, I don’t care. “

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