Olympics: PM Modi says – ‘Even though we missed out on medals, the women’s hockey team showed the spirit of a new India, this team is proud’


The dream of the historic Indian women’s hockey team to win its first Olympic medal remains unfulfilled. Today, Britain defeated the women’s hockey team 4-3 in the Olympic bronze medal match.

After the match, Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted that we missed out on a medal in women’s hockey, but this team reflects the spirit of a new India. “We missed out on a medal in women’s hockey, but this team reflects the spirit of a new India, where we do our best and build new fronts,” PM Modi tweeted. More importantly, the team’s success in the Olympics will inspire India’s young girls to play hockey and excel in it. We are proud of this team. โ€

In another tweet, PM Modi wrote, “We will always remember the great performance of our women’s hockey team. He did his best. Every member of the team is blessed with amazing courage, skill and flexibility. India is proud of this great team. โ€

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Former Olympic champion Britain has beaten India 4-3 in today’s match. India gave a tough fight to Britain in this match, India maintained its dominance in this match till the second quarter. But the fourth quarter of the match went to Britain and they scored a goal and won the match 4-3. The whole country is disappointed after the defeat of the Indian team, but the whole country is also proud of the team’s historic performance in the Tokyo Olympics. This was the first time the Indian women’s hockey team had competed for a medal in the Olympics. Given the strong performance of the Indian women’s hockey team in the Tokyo Olympics, the entire country is confident that the team will definitely bring a medal for India in the 2024 Paris Olympics.

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