Olympic: Indian champion arrives at Asoka Hotel, honors ceremony to begin shortly


The ‘Games Aquarius’ Tokyo Olympics 2020 is over and the athletes who made India proud have returned home. The Tokyo Olympic medalist has arrived at the Ashok Hotel on time and the ceremony is set to begin shortly.

indian players welcome in india
indian players welcome in india

All the medal winners and other athletes are to be honored at the Asoka Hotel in Delhi. Meanwhile, all the players will be welcomed at Asoka Hotel by the Sports Ministry, Sports Authority. Preparations have been made for a grand reception not only in Delhi but in all the villages and towns of the players. There is also a lot of enthusiasm for the players in their family members. Due to which a variety of events have been organized in the joy of the players returning home after the victory.

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India has won a total of seven medals at the Tokyo Olympics, which is India’s best performance in any Olympics. Earlier, India had won six medals at the 2012 London Olympics. This time a gold medal has also gone to India, which Neeraj Chopra has won in the javelin throw. Before Neeraj, Abhinav Bindra had won a gold medal in shooting in 2008.

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