Oil companies issue new rates for petrol and diesel


Today, petrol and diesel prices have not changed. In many cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Patna, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, petrol is still selling at more than Rs 100 per liter. Let me tell you that on September 1, petrol and diesel The prices were reduced by 15 paise.

Oil companies issue
Oil companies issue

State governments collect taxes at different rates in different states. At the same time, municipalities and municipalities also have taxes according to each city. Like Kalyan in Mumbai, Thane also has different taxes due to the Municipal Corporation, due to which the rates are different there. Sometimes the tax is different due to transportation, as there are many places where it is very difficult to get oil from the refinery. In that case, the price of petrol may be higher. In fact, along with foreign exchange rates, petrol and diesel prices fluctuate daily on the basis of crude prices in the international market.

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