Objectionable video of Punjabi model viral! 10 lakh followers on social media!


Bureau Report: After Jalandhar’s Kullad Pizza, now an objectionable video of a model from Ludhiana is going viral. The video is clear after watching it, it is made with consent and made by yourself. However, the Instagram model is rejecting this video. He says that the video is fake. Attempts are being made to defame him.

2 different videos are being made viral

The videos which are going viral are 2 videos. The first video is of 2 minutes 20 seconds while the second is of 33 seconds. Both the videos are of the couple. They are also seen fixing the room before making the video.

More than 1 million followers of the model

The model with which the video is being added. He has more than 10 lakh followers on Instagram. The age of the model is only 19 years. She was born in Punjab, although there is a discussion that some time ago, she came into much discussion regarding Canada’s visa.

The model has posted a message on the account

After appearing in the objectionable video, the model posted a message on her social media account. In which he has said that ‘Nowadays everything can happen on the editing app. You are all wise. Know the truth before sharing anything. Engaged in defaming the girls of your Punjab. Illiterate! It is also written that some have fallen, may God give them wisdom.

The model wrote that I know I am right, my family knows my God knows I am right. I don’t care about others. People who are targeting me today. They can target someone tomorrow.
Because girls are in everyone’s homes. If you find an objectionable video on any page, report it keeping your mother, sister, daughter in mind.


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