Notice given by the Powercom Contract Employees Union to the management of the Electricity Board regarding their demands

Of course, before coming to power, the government of Aam Aadmi Party and Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann had promised to fix the raw employees working in various departments, but after coming to power, Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann did not fix the raw employees. Demonstrations are being held by the employees of different departments to remember the promise made.

Due to this, a notice was sent to the management of the Powercom Transco Contract Employees Union in the name of the Punjab Government by the Powercom Transco Contract Employees Union who gathered in large numbers outside the Patiala Electricity Board office. The Aam Aadmi Party government that was formed had promised to confirm about 200 raw employees of their union, but even after a year has passed today, the government has ignored their demands.

Due to which they have to protest against the government and today a notice has been sent to the Punjab government by the union leaders regarding the confirmation of the employees. They said that if the union employees are not confirmed in the near future, then Big protests will be launched against the Punjab government.

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