No need to worry about lost or stolen mobile.


How To Find Lost Phone: In this era of telecommunication, mobile phone has become a part of people’s life. Without which people cannot do their work even for a minute. But sometimes people’s expensive mobiles are either stolen or lost. People also try hard to find it.

Somehow their mobile phone is found. But most people don’t get their mobile. But now people don’t have to worry about their mobile being stolen or lost. Because the Modi government is going to launch the portal on May 17. A portal through which you can search blogs and unblogs on your mobile as well.

After the launch of Sanchar Saathi portal, this service will be available across the country. It will work with phones connected to all telecom circles. After the launch of Sanchar Saathi portal, it is already available in Delhi and Mumbai circles. You can use this portal to access your SIM card number and block it to prevent misuse.

  • Above all you have to visit Sanchar Saathi Portal โ€“ Enter required details (name, mobile number, IMEI details, device brand, model, invoice, etc.) to enter.
  • After that, enter the details of the place where you lost your smartphone. You will also need to enter the details about the police complaint number and upload a copy of the complaint.
  • You will then need to enter details about the mobile owner including name, address, identity proof and email.
  • Enter captcha and verify application using OTP.
  • Once you accept the announcement click on โ€œSubmitโ€ on your smartphone.
  • To unblock your smartphone after entering all the information, go to Sanchar Saathi portal and enter the request ID received while blocking your smartphone.
  • You will be asked the reason for unblocking the phone number, in which you will be asked to confirm your reason, after which your smartphone will be unlocked.

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