Nissan in preparation to bring electric car in India, Learn Features


Japanese automaker Nissan for the production of electric vehicles in India Feasibility study Is doing, including setting up a battery manufacturing unit.

This information was shared by the company’s chief executive officer Ashwani Gupta. The company has started a one-year study and it is expected to be completed in the next nine months. If it achieves a positive result, the company will focus on building electric vehicles not only for the Indian market but also for export.

Nissan in preparation
Nissan in preparation

Nissan, which is developing ‘Kei’ (mini) electric cars in Japan in partnership with Mitsubishi, may also consider ‘Kei’ electric mini commercial vehicles for the Indian market, meeting the requirements of the last mile delivery part. Can complete. This is a very fast growing sugar. Explaining that Nissan is moving forward with its global electrification strategy, Gupta said for India, “There are three things we are studying today.

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