Newly appointed minister Balkar Singh took charge of Ahuda


Punjab Minister Balkar took charge: Balkar Singh, MLA from Kartarpur in Jalandhar, took an oath of secrecy on his post on Wednesday. After which he reached his office at the Secretariat on Thursday to take charge of the Ministry of Local Government and took charge of the post.

Ministers Brahm Shankar Zimpa and Aman Arora from Hoshiarpur were specially present while taking charge of the office. Balkar Singh said that he will diligently fulfill the responsibility assigned to him by the Chief Minister of the state, Bhagwant Mann. He also thanked the Chief Minister for giving him the post of minister.

Balkar said that he came into politics to serve the people and will continue to serve. Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann gave him an opportunity to serve, which he will always do.

Inderbir Nijhar had resigned

On Tuesday evening, Inderbir Singh Nijhar submitted his resignation to Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann citing personal reasons. Approving it, the Chief Minister forwarded it to the Governor for approval.

According to sources, Nijhar openly opposed the vigilance investigation by the government. After which he had to lose the chair. After Nijhar’s resignation was accepted, time was taken from the Governor to take oath of the new ministers.

Let it be known that Nijhar is the third minister to lose his seat in 15 months after the formation of the Aam Aadmi Party government in Punjab. Earlier, Dr. Vijay Singla and Fauja Singh Sarari have been removed.

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