New Zealand: 6 dead, 90 fire fighters due to fire in hostel

New Zealand  Hostel Fire: A fire broke out in a four-storey hostel in Wellington, the capital of New Zealand, on Tuesday at 12.30 pm. 6 people died in this, while around 20 people are missing. The name of the hostel is Lofers Lodge Hostel, which had 92 rooms. 90 fire fighters and 20 fire trucks were deployed to douse the fire.

They evacuated 50 people safely, out of which 5 people were rescued from the roof of the hostel. One person even jumped from the third floor to save his life. who was badly injured. Emergency services are still searching for the missing people. The help of ordinary citizens has also been sought for this. The cause of the fire is yet to be ascertained, but local media say that it is suspected that someone started the fire deliberately.

See the fire in the hostel in 3 pictures…

Prime Minister Chris Hipkins has described the situation as serious. He expressed his condolences to the families of those killed in the accident. At the same time, the police say that they are trying to identify the people who died. According to the health board, most of the people living in this hostel were those who did not have their own house. Many elderly people were also living here. who are still in shock. Also, when many people were rescued, they were only wearing pajamas.

People in buildings around the hostel were asked to keep their windows and doors closed. Along with this, Anna Tuton, an official of New Zealand, has said that it will take time to identify the people who lost their lives in the accident. The hostel has recently passed the fire safety test. Fire and Emergency Department Commander Nick Pyatt said the fire was like a nightmare.

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