New rates for petrol and diesel released today, find out the prices in your city


For the fifth consecutive day on Sunday, August 29, 2021, there has been no change in petrol and diesel prices. Earlier on Tuesday, oil marketing companies fired fuel Prices are 15 paise each The liter was reduced. According to a notification issued by state-owned oil companies, petrol was priced at Rs 101.49 per liter in Delhi on Sunday while diesel was priced at Rs 88.92 per liter.

New rates for petrol
New rates for petrol

When it comes to the four major metros (Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai), Mumbai has the highest fuel prices. Petrol is selling at Rs 107.52 per liter and diesel at Rs 96.48 per liter. In Kolkata, a liter of petrol costs Rs 101.82 while diesel costs Rs 91.98 per liter. In Chennai, petrol and diesel are priced at Rs 99.20 and Rs 93.52 per liter, respectively.

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