New program for thousands of unemployed DYPA with a 1000 euro allowance

The new training program for an additional 30,000 unemployed people who will receive a voucher of up to 1,000 euros is included in the decision of the DYPA Board of Directors.

In particular, the decision of the completed program for the training of 120,000 unemployed persons is amended and another 30,000 unemployed persons are added with a new amendment.

The object is the provision of theoretical training services – which will lead to certification of the knowledge and skills that will be acquired in the context of the training – and will be addressed to beneficiaries, registered in the Register of the unemployed of D.Y.P.A., over the age of 18 years. In particular, the services provided in the context of this project include:

  1. Theoretical training programs for the unemployed – beneficiaries lasting 50 – 200 hours that lead to the acquisition of digital “green” knowledge and skills, as will be described in each invitation.
    II. Certification of the knowledge and skills that will be acquired in the context of the training programs.


The implementation of continuing professional training programs is done by applying blended learning methods, i.e. with live and distance modern and asynchronous education.

In the case of distance education, a special digital learning platform is used for distance education, digital educational material, properly adapted to this method and appropriate procedures for evaluating and monitoring the trainees implemented by each K.E.D.I.V.M. AEI or K.D.V.M. This type of training is a flexible form of training, as there is no limitation of time and place. It is based on the principles of open education and serves the needs of personalized learning. Familiarity of trainees with modern and asynchronous e-learning tools is ensured.

At the same time, live training ensures the immediacy of teaching through the simultaneous presence in the classroom of the teacher and trainees and enhances the learning experience.

Each trainee will attend a theoretical Training program concerning the development of digital and “green” knowledge and skills, with a total duration of 50 to 200 hours. The implementation of the continuing training programs will be carried out with live training at a rate of at least 35% of the total hours of each program and with the method of distance education (e-learning), which will include at least 35% modern distance education and up to 30% asynchronous distance learning.

The daily duration of live education and modern distance education cannot exceed six (6) hours. The end time of live education and modern distance education should not exceed 22:00. Online education and modern distance education are not allowed on Sundays, as well as public holidays. Each training program, lasting up to 200 hours, must be completed within 3 months at the latest.


In the context of the project, it is planned to train another 30,000 beneficiaries, through the Register of K.E.Di.V.M of HEIs and the Register of licensed K.D.B.M.
For the participation of the beneficiaries in the Continuing Professional Training programs, D.Y.P.A. it will publish invitations, which will be addressed to the unemployed, whom it will invite to submit a relevant application for participation.

For the implementation of this project, the process of providing Training Vouchers to the beneficiaries, who will be selected through the above public invitations of D.Y.P.A., will be followed. Each invitation will determine in detail the conditions for the implementation of each individual phase of this project. The Training Voucher System (TrainingVoucher) refers to a system for the provision and management of vocational training services that offers the direct beneficiaries the possibility to receive Continuing Vocational training services from training providers of their choice – according to their personal needs – who have been included in the Registers Training Providers, trained by D.Y.P.A. for the purpose of the project.
The right to participate in each phase of the present project and therefore the right to submit a “Participation Application” for registration in the Register of Beneficiaries that will be set up by D.Y.P.A., have the unemployed who meet at least the following conditions:

  1. Be registered in the Unemployment Registers of the DYPA, regardless of whether they receive unemployment benefits or not.
  2. Be over 18 years of age.

III. To be graduates of at least compulsory education in the invitations published by D.Y.P.A. additional participation conditions will be determined.
The unemployed who will be registered in the Register of Beneficiaries must be registered in the unemployment register of D.Y.P.A. during the application submission phase. It is noted that unemployment will be checked automatically, by cross-checking the data kept in the Unemployment Register of the D.Y.P.A.


Each beneficiary who completed the program of Continuing Professional training and certification of knowledge and skills, in accordance with the conditions herein, is entitled to receive an educational allowance, which amounts to 5 €/hour of training, not including insurance contributions. The beneficiary is required to complete the training and pass the certification exams in order to receive the full educational allowance.

In particular, the payment of the educational allowance to the beneficiaries is as follows: After the successful completion of the training and the participation of the beneficiary in certification exams (regardless of the result), the beneficiary is entitled to an amount corresponding to 70% of the total entitled amount for all the program training hours, minus absences. If he succeeds in the certification exams, he is entitled to 100% of the total entitled amount for all the training hours of the program, minus absences.

The payment is made once, after the completion of the training process and the certification process, after relevant information, from the Training Provider, through the information system and after completion of all the necessary checks that will be carried out by the D.Y.P.A.

The insurance contributions, which correspond to the training allowance of the trainee, are covered by the training check and are borne by the training provider, who is obliged to pay them on time.
Each beneficiary, beneficiary of a training voucher, must within a predetermined period of time, as will be defined in the invitation, choose the training provider he wishes in order to receive the services provided by him, in the context of the specific program.

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