Netherlands Denied Entry to Over 2,400 Individuals in 2023


The Dutch authorities have revealed that throughout the 12 months of last year, the country has denied entry to more than 2,400 people.

According to the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee, which is the national gendarmerie force of the Netherlands, entry to the country has been denied to a total of 2,491 people in 2023.

The entry denials were made at various border crossing points across the country, including land, air, and maritime checkpoints, reports.

In 2023, the Royal Military Police denied 2,491 people entry to the Netherlands. These refusals took place at various border crossing points, including airports, seaports and international train connections.

Royal Netherlands Marechaussee

While the number of people who were denied entry to the Netherlands last year is high, it still remains below the 2022 and 2021 figures, when the country denied entry to 3,066 and 3,392 people, respectively.

Data provided by the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee show that Colombians were the nationality that was denied entry the most. A total of 479 Colombians were not permitted to enter the Netherlands territory in 2023.

The list of nationalities denied entry the most in 2023 consists of five nationalities, with Indians being the second. Data show that 223 Indians were denied entry to the Netherlands last year.

Peru nationals are the third on the list, with 219 being denied entry to the Netherlands in 2023. They are followed by nationals of Brazil and the United Kingdom, with 152 Brazilians and 115 Britons being denied entry.

Nationality Number of refusals
Colombians 479
Indians 223
Peruvians 219
Brazilians 152
Britons 115

In addition to the above-mentioned, Royal Netherlands Marechaussee disclosed that the majority of entry denials were made for those who reached the country by air.

Of the total number of entry denials last year, 2,403 of them were made for foreigners who flew to the Netherlands.

Additionally, 82 entry denials were made for people attempting to enter the Netherlands through its sea borders, and only six entry denials were made for those attempting to enter the country by train.

Royal Netherlands Marechaussee plays a crucial role in safeguarding the countryโ€™s national security through border measures. The authority carries out operations at major Dutch airports, including Schiphol Airport, Rotterdam Airport, Eindhoven Airport, Groningen Airport Eelde, and Maastricht Aachen Airport.

The authority also carries out controls for international connection at Amsterdam Central Station and Rotterdam Central Station, specifically focusing on Eurostar trains to London.


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