My job is to connect people – Aman Arora

Cabinet Minister Aman Arora: The tension between the two parties in Master Colony of Sunam city has been resolved today by Cabinet Minister Aman Arora. Giving information about this, Aman Arora said that he was busy for the last few days due to the by-election in Jalandhar and the issue was brought to his attention that the situation was going on tensely due to differences between the two parties in Master Colony.

Arora, who was at Master Colony to discuss the issue with the representatives of both the parties, said that the people of Punjab are known all over the world for their brotherhood, so it is necessary to forget the mutual differences and find a permanent solution to the problem. The Cabinet Minister carefully listened to the demands and complaints of both the parties and assured that the government roads which are causing conflict in the colony by the police and the administration will be fixed as per the needs of the people.

He said that the police have been instructed to put a complete stop to anti-social activities in the colony and the EO has been instructed to take appropriate steps on issues like cleanliness, prevention of stray animals. The Cabinet Minister said that with the consent of both the parties, the wall which was built on the official road has also been demolished.

Aman Arora said that the entire city is their own and they are working to connect people. He said that due to the personal interests of some people, this issue was confused, due to which he took stock of the opportunity today and sat with both the parties and ended the mutual hostility.

The Cabinet Minister said that it has also been explained to both the parties that in future such issues should not be considered at all and brotherhood should be strengthened with each other. The representatives of both the parties expressed special thanks to the Cabinet Minister Aman Arora and assured that in the future they will live in harmony with each other.

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