Mustard seeds reach Rs 9,200 per quintal, crude oil also rises

Mustard prices rose to Rs 9,200 per quintal in Saloni, Agra and Kota last week from Rs 8,800 last week due to increased demand for festivals and no better alternative to mustard oil.

At the same time the decline in the country’s markets Due to the increase in the price of mustard seeds Is

Mustard seeds reach

In Rajasthan’s quota, crude mustard oil was priced at Rs 168 (excluding GST) last week, which was raised to Rs 177 per kg by the end of the week under review, market sources said. Kota mustard oil is considered to be the best and the demand for mustard oil from Kota is increasing from the big oil mills in Bharatpur, as mustard oil seeds are not readily available. Due to all these conditions, mustard has improved. Sources said that the fall in soybean oil prices was also due to the impact on demand due to maintenance work of soybean crushing plants.

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