Mustard oil rises to Rs 2,715 per tin due to festive demand


Boom in overseas markets and low arrival of mustard and demand for festivals Due to the mustard oil Oil prices have improved significantly. Mustard is in high demand.

The festival is in constant demand in places like Jammu and Kashmir, West Bengal, Orissa, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh which is improving mustard.

Mustard oil rises
Mustard oil rises

At the same time, market sources said the Chicago Exchange was up one per cent and the Malaysia Exchange was up 2.8 per cent. He said the Malaysian exchange had declined 2.8 per cent yesterday, while it had improved by 2.8 per cent on Thursday. As a result, CPO and palm oil prices closed lower. In the edible oil market, refined soybean consumption was better on Thursday than on Wednesday. Soybean oil was sold at Rs 500 per quintal cheaper.

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