Mustard oil rises, CPO, soybean oil prices fall


Mustard, groundnut oilseeds and cottonseed oil prices remained high in the Delhi Oilseed market last week, while CPO, palm oil and soybean oil prices declined on import duty. Prices fall I came.

Rising mustard oil
Rising mustard oil

Last week, the price of mustard seed rose by Rs 125 to Rs 8,025-8,100 per quintal. Last week, mustard seeds were at Rs 7,975-8,025 per quintal. At the end of the week under review, mustard oil rose by Rs 680 to close at Rs 16,580 per quintal. During the weekend under review, tins of parsnip and raw guinea rose by Rs 5 each to close at Rs 2,560-2,610 and Rs 2,645-2,755 per tin, respectively.

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