Mustard, CPO, palmolin fall to Rs 8,800 per quintal


Mustard oil prices remained strong in Delhi’s oilseeds market on Tuesday on sluggish demand for soybean oil-free oilseeds (DOC).

In Saloni, Agra and Kota, the price of mustard was increased from Rs 8,700 to Rs 8,800 per quintal. Cotton in anticipation of soybean, cotton seeds and peanut crops next month Decline in seed prices Has come At the same time, in addition to crude palm oil (CPO) and palmolin, the opening up of palmolin imports has led to a fall in cotton oil prices. Prices of other oilseeds remained unchanged.

Mustard CPO palmolin fall
Mustard CPO palmolin fall

On the other hand, the price of groundnut oil in Indore edible oil market rose by Rs 20 per 10 kg on Tuesday. Refined soybeans were sold cheaper by Rs 5 per 10 kg today. Cotton cake prices have come down by Rs 25 per 60 kg. At the local Sanyogitaganj grain market, the price of chickpeas, pulses fell by Rs 100 and toor by Rs 100 per quintal on Tuesday. Mung bean was sold at Rs 200 per quintal, mung bean at Rs 100 and mung bean at Rs 100 per quintal.

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