Mosque and airport destroyed, Israeli attack in West Bank and Syria after Gaza


Mosque and airport destroyed, Israeli attack in West Bank and Syria after Gaza
Image Credit source: AP/PTI

The situation in Gaza is deteriorating due to the Israel-Hamas war. Amid airstrikes on the city, Israel has also bombed the occupied West Bank and Syria. Thousands of children, women and the elderly are being killed in Gaza due to the indiscriminate bombardment of the army. Millions of people have become homeless. Sporadic bombings left no place for Palestinians to hide their heads. Humanitarian aid reaching Gaza via Egypt is also passing under the shadow of Israeli bombardment, where the army is constantly dropping bombs nearby. Let us understand the latest situation of war in these 10 points.

  1. Israel has targeted the entire Gaza Strip, as well as two Syrian airports and a mosque in the occupied West Bank that was allegedly being used by Hamas fighters.
  2. Yesterday, the Israeli army dropped bombs in the Jenin area of ​​the West Bank, in which one person was killed and three people were injured.
  3. A spokesman for the Israeli army has said that the country is expanding its attack range, due to which the possibility of a ground attack is increasing. Yesterday, in the Khan Yunis area, Hamas said an Israeli tank had tried to infiltrate, but fighters pushed it back.
  4. The death toll from Israeli airstrikes in Gaza has reached at least 4,651, while 14,254 others have been injured. The Israeli army is also carrying out airstrikes in the occupied West Bank.
  5. From the beginning of the war, it was observed that people from the Jewish community were attacking Palestinians in the West Bank and driving them out of their homes. So far, 93 Palestinians have been killed and more than 1,650 injured in the occupied West Bank.
  6. There are fears of running out of fuel amid Israel’s bombardment of Gaza. There may be a complete power outage. There is only one power plant in Gaza that has been shut down. This has led to shortages of basic services such as water and sanitation and risks of power outages in hospitals, which can put patients’ lives at risk.
  7. A second humanitarian aid convoy has reportedly begun entering Gaza from Egypt, but the United Nations sees this as straw, allowing some of the more than 200 trucks to enter Gaza yesterday. had gone The UN has warned that running out of fuel could create a crisis on several fronts, including power plants and water shortages in Gaza.
  8. Pregnant women in Gaza are at grave risk. She could not reach the hospital for delivery. Thousands of pregnant women are expected to give birth this month, and aid workers are warning of dire conditions for both mothers and babies.
  9. Israel’s bombing has caused so much destruction that people are not even getting beds in hospitals. Gaza’s health system has collapsed. Meanwhile, the air attack on Al-Ahli Hospital has also increased the concern of doctors.
  10. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has warned Hezbollah to stay away from the war, saying that if Hezbollah jumps into the war, Israel will respond more violently than the 2006 war.