Minister Harbhajan Singh ETO made a big statement about the increased electricity rates

The Punjab Power Minister has assured that the new electricity rates will not affect the common people of the state as the cost of increased electricity rates will be borne by the state government. Punjab Power Minister Harbhajan Singh ETO Said that electricity rates are very high in many states, while electricity rates in Punjab are lower than other states.

The power minister said that there was no increase in electricity rates during the last one year. He said that sometimes coal has to be imported due to the central government’s policies. Similarly, the cost of installing new transformers is increasing.

Along with this, the Punjab Power Minister said that free electricity to farmers, subsidized electricity to industry and 600 units of free electricity to domestic consumers will continue as before. He said that electricity subsidy will continue and no scheme will be discontinued.

Harbhajan Singh ETO, Minister of Electricity of Punjab, tightening the grip on the opponents. Said that the previous governments used to increase the electricity tariffs several times a year, while our government has increased the electricity tariffs marginally after a year, which will not affect the free electricity scheme. He said that rather our government is continuously working to strengthen the electricity department by recruiting employees and giving salary scales to new employees.

Let us tell you that according to the new rates on connections up to two kilowatts, the rate for consumption of 0 to 100 units of electricity has been increased to Rs 4.19, although earlier it was Rs 3.49. This rate has been increased by 70 paise. Electricity consumers will now have to pay 6.64 paise for power consumption from 101 to 300 units, while earlier they had to pay 5.84 paise. This rate has been increased by 80 paise per unit.

Along with this, the rates of more than 300 units have been increased by 45 paise. Earlier it was 7.30 paise. Connections from 2 to 7 KW will be charged Rs 4.44 for 0 to 100 units, Rs 6.64 for 101 to 300 units and Rs 7.75 for consumption above 300 units, while earlier it was Rs 3.74, Rs 5.84 and Rs 7.30 respectively. .

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