Miner earns $5,40,000 from mining an entire block of Ethereum

Ethereum mining has emerged as a great way for many people to earn money. Increased congestion on the Ethereum network is also increasing gas fees, thereby increasing mining profits for miners, although the average profit has seen a decline. Now, here comes the latest mining news, where an ethereum miner has hit the rare jackpot by mining a single ethereum block. This has earned him ETH 170 reward, which has a current value of around $540,000 (approximately Rs 4 crore).

Mining Ethereum is not much more difficult than Bitcoin, but it is still considered a more difficult, more energy-consuming and computationally difficult process. Despite this, a lot of solo miners continue to enter the Ethereum ecosystem, and make decent money from their mining. Yet, there has rarely been a case where a solo miner has mined a single Ethereum block and earned a reward of millions.

One of BeInCrypto Report As of now, this solo ethereum miner got a full block and then got a total reward of ETH 170.65 for mining it. At the time the miner received the reward, the total value of this ether was approximately $540,000 (approximately Rs 4 crore).

BitInfoCharts, a platform that tracks major crypto metrics according, the average reward for mining a block on the Ethereum blockchain is around ETH 4, with a total value of $3,140, ​​or about Rs 2 lakh, at the time of writing this news. This shows that miners who receive the ETH 170 reward have received a reward of 17,097 percent above average.

Mining of Bitcoin is arguably considered the most difficult. However, many miners have made good money in its mining. Just last week, one of the Bitcoinist Report It was revealed that a bitcoin miner mined a block himself, earning a block reward of 6.25 bitcoins as well as a transaction reward. In this way, by mining only one block, that miner earned more than $267,000 (approximately Rs 2 crore).


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