Maruti WagonR Electric will cover 200 km in a single charge, 80 percent charge in just 1 hour


Maruti WagonR Electric: Electric cars are gaining popularity in India and the number of customers buying them is also increasing, which is why automobile companies now Towards electric cars Are paying attention.

Let it be known that Maruti Suzuki is also coming soon with its electric car. Significantly, Maruti’s electric car is already very popular on Indian roads. Yes, we are talking about Maruti WagonR Electric which may be launched in India soon.

Maruti WagonR Electric
Maruti WagonR Electric

As per the information that this electric car of Maruti Suzuki has been seen during the recent testing, it is clear that the company is now preparing to launch this electric car in India.

Let me tell you that the fuel version of this car is already very popular in India, but now the company is coming up with its affordable electric model. The Maruti Wagon R Electric is expected to be between 180 and 200 kms, which means that customers can drive the car over a considerable distance at full cost. Not only this, with the help of fast charger this electric car can be charged up to 80 percent in one hour. A fast charger not only saves a lot of time, but you can also use the car at times.

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