Many miraculous benefits of jaggery tea, which you have never thought about, know about…


Benefits Of Jaggery Tea: Jaggery tea is very beneficial for health. By drinking jaggery instead of sugar in tea, many problems of the body are removed. Jaggery tea is rich in phosphorus, potassium, carbohydrates, protein, iron and fiber.
Drinking jaggery tea strengthens the immunity and keeps the digestive system healthy. Jaggery tea can be consumed at any time of the day. If jaggery is added instead of sugar in the tea, the weight also remains under control. Let’s know the benefits of drinking jaggery tea and how to make it.
Anemia is cured – Jaggery is rich in iron, which helps in curing the problem of anemia. Drinking jaggery tea daily removes anemia from the body. Drinking jaggery tea also removes body weakness.
Treatment of seasonal diseases – drinking jaggery tea keeps the body warm. Due to which the risk of seasonal diseases is reduced. Jaggery tea can also be drunk in fever, cold and flu. Jaggery has a warming effect, so this tea does not allow seasonal diseases to affect the body. Everyone in the house easily likes this tea.
Migraine — drinking jaggery tea relieves the problem of migraine. Try drinking jaggery tea if you have headache problem. Headache will be relieved. Jaggery tea cures migraines and also refreshes the mood.
Improves Digestion – Jaggery tea helps in keeping the digestive system healthy. Jaggery tea can be beneficial for you if you are suffering from gas, acidity and constipation problem. Jaggery tea also helps in digestion and reduces heartburn.
Helpful in weight loss – drinking jaggery tea helps in weight loss. Sugary tea increases body fat. Jaggery tea is a good option for weight loss. Drinking jaggery tea regularly helps in controlling belly fat.
How to make jaggery tea — Boil one and a half cups of water in a pan to make jaggery tea. When the water boils well, add cardamom, ginger, cinnamon and tea leaves and boil the water.
After boiling water, add milk to it and make tea. Put down the tea. Add jaggery to it according to your test and drink the tea after filtering it. Be careful, do not boil the tea with jaggery, otherwise the tea will explode.

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