Mann announced uninterrupted power supply to farmers from April 1


Another big gift of the Hon government to the farmers, the announcement of uninterrupted power supply to the farmers from April 1

Bhagwant Mann Appeal to Farmers: Giving a big relief to the farmers of Punjab, Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann has announced a 25 percent increase in crop damage compensation.

On Sunday, he visited the villages of Selbarah, Gomti and Bhai Roopa in the district and took stock of the damage caused to the standing wheat crop due to unseasonal rain and hailstorm for the past few days. Along with this, he assured that the farmers will be provided uninterrupted electricity for 8 to 10 hours from April 1.

Meanwhile, he appealed to the farmers to get crop seeds from Punjab Agricultural University (PAU). He said that the government seed will be stamped with PAU and there is also 33 percent subsidy. Along with this, he said to make the farmers aware about spraying to spray the crops. Farmers will be told which spray will be good for which crop.

Also, Mann appealed to the farmers to diversify to save water and get better profits. They had to use 3600 liters of water to produce one kg of paddy. Moreover, rice was not a staple food.

CM Mann said that experts have suggested that groundnut should not be sown in the cotton belt because the area where groundnut is sown is attacked by whitefly.

Punjab government will bring crop insurance scheme

Talking about saving the farmers from the scourge of nature, the Chief Minister said that the Punjab government will bring crop insurance scheme. He said that the crop insurance scheme announced by the central government was only limited to papers, but the state government’s scheme will provide real relief to the farmers. He expressed regret that nowadays a 20 minute hailstorm brings trouble on the faces of farmers but this scheme will protect the interests of farmers. Bhagwant Mann assured the farmers that the Punjab government is with the farmers in this difficult time and no stone will be left unturned for their welfare.

Taking the pledge to compensate the farmers for the loss due to bad weather, the Chief Minister said that the Punjab government is and will always be committed to the welfare of farmers and farm workers. He said that the Aam Aadmi government has always supported the farmers and their rights and the government has taken many worthy steps to protect the interests of the farmers. Bhagwant Mann said that he understands well the agony and pain of the large number of farmers who have suffered huge losses due to the sudden change in weather.

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