man cheated by creating fake Facebook accounts of senior officers


Mohali Police has arrested the accused who cheated people of lakhs of rupees by creating fake Facebook accounts of IPS officers and big personalities. The arrested accused has been identified as Muhammad Kaif alias Kaif resident of village Chhinwara, Rajasthan. The police have recovered a mobile phone and a SIM card from the accused.

Mohali SSP Sandeep Garg said that the accused used to create a fake Facebook ID and post pictures of IPS officers and big personalities on it and send messages to him that his friends have been transferred to other districts and the valuable furniture in the house. And other goods are to be sold at cheap prices. The accused had also given an account number. Being lured by cheap goods, naive people fell into his trap.

The arrested accused is a BCA final year student and was topper in English in his class and took advantage of this to talk to the accused mostly in English, which made people think he was talking to a senior officer.

SSP Sandeep Garg said that the accused Mohammad used to create fake IDs on OLX through mobile while sitting in the forest of his village. After creating the ID, he used to advertise on it to sell motorcycles, furniture and other goods.

After this, if a person would send a message to buy goods, the accused would send him a mobile number and download the ID cards of VIP and IPS officers from any device through the Internet and send them to people and talk to them as an officer.

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It has been revealed in the police investigation that the accused Muhammad used to download videos of old coins from the internet and upload them on his YouTube channel. After this, if a person contacted to get the old coins, the accused would first transfer 10 percent advance token money from him to the Facebook bank account.

The accused used to call people from Punjab, Haryana, Delhi and other states from different mobile numbers and tell them that if someone wants to take Rs 5000 to 10000 on interest, he will get less interest than the government bank. In this way, the accused was deceiving people by trapping them in his words.

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