Make curly hair straight with these home methods, there will be no problem

Hair Care Tips: Some girls have curly hair, which looks great but it is equally difficult to take care of them. Some girls like straight hair, then straighten their curly hair in different ways. If such hair gets tangled then it starts looking very bad. That’s why girls try to straighten hair by straightening or by doing expensive treatments, but today we will tell you some easy ways by which you can keep your hair straight and straight while sitting at home. Let’s know how.

Comb first then wash Hair remains tangled or frizzy, in such a situation, always comb the hair thoroughly before washing the hair. With this, the hair settles well and breakage is less. Also, it becomes easier while washing the hair.

Do not sleep with wet hair Due to the busy schedule, there is no time to wash hair in the morning. In such a situation, many girls like to wash their hair at night. If your hair is frizzy, then sleep only after drying it. Sleeping in wet hair can cause damage to the hair, making it difficult to settle the hair in the morning.

Select the right pillow Just like cotton towels, cotton bed sheets can also damage the hair. That’s why you need to change your pillow. You can keep a silk pillowcase. This will give rest to your hair. Hair will remain soft in the morning.

Nourish the hair If you have washed your hair, then after drying it, give nourishment to the hair. For this, apply hair serum or moisturizing hair oil on the hair. This will keep the hair hydrated. Will get the power to fight frizzy hair. Hair oil nourishes the hair. Makes hair soft and shiny. Also the hair serum protects the hair stand from the onset of frizz.

Tie a soft rubber band Sleeping with open hair makes it vulnerable to a lot of friction. With this you can get tangled hair in the morning. For this you tie a soft rubber band on the hair. With this the hair will not break and will not get tangled till morning.

Conditioning Spray- If you don’t want to wash your hair at night, you can just do a conditioning spray. This will give conditioner to the hair overnight. This makes the hair cuticles smooth. Moisture seals and prevents hair from getting frizzy while sleeping.

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