Ludhiana, News , garbage heap caught fire


Ludhiana Adarsh ​​Colony in Gyaspura of the district is in a state of panic after toxic fumes rose late at night. Someone set fire to the garbage dump near the flats here. Due to the toxic fumes, people started suffering from burning eyes and breathing problems. Due to the spread of toxic fumes, people gathered on the road to save their lives.

People were constantly coughing. A man had fainted. Many people left home for some time and went to sleep with their relatives. Sangita Singh, a resident of the area, said that someone set the garbage on fire late at night, after which poisonous smoke filled the area. According to Sangeeta, this is not the first time.

Such incidents have happened before and people brought this matter to the attention of the municipal corporation officials as well as the current MLA Rajinderpal Kaur Chhina. There does not seem to be any solution to this matter.

According to people, whenever toxic smoke rises, people have to leave their homes and run around. People complained to the fire brigade, after which two fire brigade vehicles reached the spot and brought the fire under control.

An official of the fire brigade office said that they received information about the fire in Adarsh ​​Colony around 12.05 am, after which fire brigade vehicles reached the spot. Local people say that no official of the municipal corporation reached the spot after the incident.

People said that it has been 13 days since the Gyaspura gas incident, in which 11 people died. But even after the accident, the authorities are not taking the matter seriously.


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