LPG cylinders can cross 1000 rupees, know the price


You may have to pay more for cooking gas during the festive season. While crude oil prices have risen in the international market over the past one week, prices of LPG cylinders may also go up.

Prices can cross the 1000 mark. By the way, today it is petrol and diesel With the change in prices Has also started which has been stable for 18 days.

LPG cylinders can cross
LPG cylinders can cross

The price of crude oil is rising in the international market. Crude oil prices have risen in the last ten days. Crude oil prices were at 74 74.22 a barrel in August. Crude oil prices could cross $ 75 in September. In such a scenario, it is believed that if the trend of rising crude oil prices in the international market continues, it will have an impact on oil prices. In such a scenario, petrol and diesel prices may go up in the coming days.

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