Liquor will now be available in shops in Punjab, the decision will be effective from April 1

The Punjab government is preparing to open liquor shops in the city apart from contracts. People will be able to buy liquor from these shops instead of going to the counters. Liquor and beer will also be available at these shops from April 1. Under the new excise policy, this decision has been taken keeping in mind those people who are reluctant to go to liquor stores. In the first phase, 77 shops will be opened in different cities of the state.

Excise Minister Harpal Singh Cheema said that the Punjab government is going to open 77 beer and liquor shops in cities from April 1. People who don’t want to go to the shops will now be able to get liquor in the city market itself. He said that the government’s income will also increase with the opening of these shops. Complete preparations have been made for this.

Liquor shops have already opened in Chandigarh apart from the contracts. Beer is available in these shops along with foreign scotch. The Punjab government will allow liquor and beer shops in congested markets while implementing the same provision in the state.

The new excise policy for the year 2023-24 has been approved by the state government in the cabinet meeting held on March 8. In addition to the decision to grant L-2 licenses to small liquor traders, the new policy also decided to reduce the VAT rate to 10 percent on liquor and beer sold in beer bars, hard bars, clubs and micro breweries. . It may be mentioned that the state government has set a target of collecting revenue of Rs 9754 crore with an increase of Rs 1004 crore during the new fiscal year through the new excise policy.

On the lines of Chandigarh, the ‘special’ liquor shops to be opened in the big cities of Punjab will not be less than a big showroom. Customers will personally pick their favorite wine or beer from the decorated racks in these stores and pay at the counter. If the purchased goods are more then the service boy of the shop will also provide the service of keeping the goods in the vehicle.

Along with this, the identity of liquor contracts that was earlier is still the same today. There is an iron net on the counter of all the shops, in front of which there are two or three holes in front of which you give money to the liquor sellers through the holes and you will get the bottle through the same holes. In the meantime, it is common for contracts to come up with cases like swearing about the price or the quality of liquor.

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