Learn the essentials of Hyundai Alcazar that make this segment special!


Hyundai, South Korea’s leading automaker, is set to launch its seven-seater SUV Alcazar in India soon. Recently, the company launched an e-brochure on its official website in which it Very attached to the SUV All the information has come out.

The company has also officially started booking Alcazar. This car was previously called the larger version of the Creta, but in terms of features and looks, it looks ahead of the Creta. Let’s take a look at the top features of Hyundai’s seven-seater SUV Alcazar.

Hyundai Alcazar that make
Hyundai Alcazar that make

Driving Modes: Hyundai’s large SUV Alcazar, which will be launched with Hyundai 6 and 7 seater options, will feature 3 driving modes. These include sports, eco and comfort.

Not only this, it also has 3 traction modes. In which this car can run comfortably in mud, sand and snow. For information, let us tell you that these features of the car have become a complete contender to compete with the rest of the cars in the segment.

Maximum boot space: Let me tell you that Hyundai Alcazar can also be the first choice of customers as it offers the most boot space in the segment. While its competitors like Tata Safari and MG Hector Plus get up to 73 liters and 155 liters of boot space respectively, Hyundai’s new SUV offers you 180 liters of unmatched boot space. Not only that, when it comes to wheelbase, it is more than Tata Safari’s 2741mm wheel base and MG Hector Plus’s 2750mm wheelbase, it has a wheelbase of 2760mm which is the highest wheel of the segment.

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