Lal Chand Kataruchak reviewed the procurement arrangements for wheat


Wheat Procurement in Punjab: The Punjab government led by Chief Minister Punjab Bhagwant Singh Mann is committed to picking up the crops of the farmers of the state one by one, timely payment of the income due to the farmers and raising their standard of living.

Pursuant to the same objective, Lal Chand Kataruchak, Minister of Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs, Forest and Wildlife Protection of Punjab, visited Dana Mandi Kharar of District SAS Nagar and reviewed the arrangements regarding the purchase of wheat. .

On this occasion, he said that till now about 40 lakh metric tons of wheat has arrived in the markets of the state and more than 34 lakh metric tons of wheat has been purchased. About 4500 crore rupees have been paid in the accounts of about 1.5 lakh farmers.

The cabinet minister said during the media interaction that farmers are the backbone of the economy of this agrarian state. He said that necessary arrangements have been made by the Punjab government for the purchase of wheat and each grain of the crop is being procured by the Punjab government in a transparent and smooth manner. He said that instructions have been given to the officials that the farmers should not face any problem in the markets.

He said that the government currently has a full supply of bardana. The collection of wheat reaching the markets is also being done continuously and due payment is being made to the farmers in their bank accounts in due time.

Meanwhile, he appealed to the farmers to bring only dry wheat to the market so that the crop can be purchased on time. Besides, he said that adequate arrangements have been made on the boundaries of Punjab that only Punjab in Punjab. The farmers should buy wheat only. He said that there has been a strict ban on bringing wheat from any state adjacent to Punjab into Punjab.

On this occasion, Lal Chand Kataruchak also interacted with the present farmers and the labor in the market and assured to help in all aspects. On this occasion, apart from others, SDM Kharar Ravinder Singh, traders and farmers of Mandis were present in large numbers.

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