‘Kota Factory’ Season 2 Trailer To Be Released On Netflix On This Day

Kota Factory Season2 Trailer: The wait for India’s first black and white web series Kota Factory Season 2 is over. The series will premiere on Netflix on September 24. The first part of the quota factory was much appreciated.

Which has been viewed and liked by a record number of viewers. Viewers have been waiting for its second season for a long time. This web series is based on the lives of students in Kota, Rajasthan and their struggle to get admission in IITs. The city of Kota is known as the market for coaching centers. Students from far and wide come here in search of a career. ‘

Kota Factory Season 2 ਟ Trailer Released Sharing the trailer on his official social media account, TVF wrote, “Get ready, because in the IIT race, the syllabus is yet to come, watch Kota Factory Volume 2, September 24 only on Netflix.”

In this webseries, Jatinder Kumar is in the role of a teacher, whom the students affectionately call Jitu Bhaiya, the audience has liked his character very much. But in the second season’s trailer, it is shown that Jitu Bhai is not in the institute and students question his absence. Interesting How students face their challenges in the absence of their favorite teacher.

Of this series Direction Raghav Subu has done it. Apart from Jatinder Kumar, the cast will include Mayur More, Ranjan Raj, Alam Khan, Ahisas Channa, Revati Pillai and Urvi Singh. Like the first, the second series is going to be black and white.

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