Kolkata Man Infected By Killer Plant Fungus Chondrostereum purpureum Worlds First Case report


The first case of fungal infection in humans has come to the fore in Kolkata, which is surprising in itself. This is said to be the first such case in the world in which a fungus has caused illness in a human being. This person is a plant mycologist who studies fungus. Researchers are saying that this case shows how humans can be infected by coming too close to a fungus, which was previously found only in plants.

to the case ScienceDirect has been published in the journal Medical Mycology Case Reports. In which it is written that when this 61-year-old man reached the hospital, he had symptoms like hoarseness, cough, fatigue, and difficulty in swallowing, which had been going on for the last three months. The doctors told that the patient HIV There is no history of infection, kidney disease, diabetes or any other prolonged, chronic disease. He is a plant mycologist by profession and is doing research work on mushrooms and other fungal plants.

of our partner website Report According to, researchers Dr. Soma Dutta and Dr. Ujjayani Ray of Apollo Multispeciality Hospital, Kolkata, told that the fungus named Chondrosterium purpureum is the cause of silver leaf disease in plants. This is especially found in rose plants. But this is the first case of human infection caused by a fungal plant. It could not even be detected by conventional methods. It was detected through sequencing.

The report states that the transmission of this rare infection has occurred due to repeated exposure to contaminated substances. A boil was found in the man’s neck which was removed with the help of surgery. At the same time, nothing extraordinary was found in the body on X-ray. After that the patient was given anti fungal medicines. After being kept under observation for two years, the patient is now said to be completely healthy.


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