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Strength and flexibility are very important to keep the body healthy. With this, one can get rid of the increasing stress and physical fatigue from time to time. With time, weakness starts coming in the body parts. If you leave the body loose like this, then the body will start falling into the same mould. To keep oneself young, it is necessary to have flexibility in the body. For this, regular practice of these yogasanas prove to be helpful in making your routine happy and poses for increased flexibility) ।

Yoga practice not only gives relief from pain in the body. Along with this, blood circulation also starts happening smoothly in the body. Different types of yoga asanas work to relieve the body from many physical problems. Apart from this, by working for a long time, the pain in the neck, back, shoulders and knees will start to go away.

Working in a bent position makes the body posture bad, yoga can help you. Image: shutterstock

1. Parshvottanasana (Pyramid pose)

Parsvottanasana increases flexibility in our body. If you are starting to have knee problems, do this yoga regularly. This increases self-confidence. through yoga Due to the stretching of the muscles, the veins of the feet start getting stronger. By doing this you will not feel tired soon.

How to do Parsvottanasana

To do this, first stand straight, join both the legs.

Now take both the hands behind the back and make the posture of Namaskar.

Slowly open the legs. Take the right leg forward and take the left leg back.

Now keep the posture of Namaskar and bow the head on the right leg.

Lean as far as possible. Now stay in this pose for about a minute

benefits of doing it

By doing this, the spine starts to straighten.

Relieves pain in neck and shoulders.

Blood flow is regular and flexibility starts increasing in the body.

self balance increases and improve digestion starts coming

Triangle pose ke fayde
By doing Trikonasana, problems related to lower abdomen go away. pictures pixabay

2. Trikonasana (Triangle pose)

Trikonasana is also known as Tribhujasana. By doing this regularly, problems related to lower abdomen go away. Apart from this, the problem of flat feet found in children and adults is also solved. Apart from this, the initial symptoms of osteoporosis can also be defeated by this yoga.

how to do trikonasana

To do this, stand straight on the mat.

Open both the legs. Keep a gap of three steps between the legs

After this, now turn the left leg outwards and keep the heel inwards.

Now bend to the left and touch the foot with the left hand.

On the other hand, raise the right hand upwards.

Stretching the body increases flexibility in the body.

Eagle pose fits the body
Garudasana reduces excess fat stored in thighs and hips. Image: pixabay

3. Garudasana (Eagle pose)

This yoga asana, popularly known as Eagle pose, is done in a standing position. Due to this, stretch is felt in all the muscles of the body. This asana works to increase the sperm count which decreases in men. By doing this pose done in palm posture body strength starts increasing.

How to do Garudasana

To do this, stand straight on the ground
Now extend both the hands forward.
After that, wrap the right leg with the left leg and keep it towards the back.
Crossing both the arms, fasten them in each other. Make a gesture of salutation with both the hands.

Benefits of Garudasana

By doing this, the stretch in the muscles starts increasing. Due to body stretch, the pain of legs and knees goes away.

Concentration starts increasing by creating self-balance of the body.

Excess fat deposited in the thighs and hips starts reducing.

By doing regularly, body strength increases.

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