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Valentine’s week is considered to be the most beautiful time of the year for couples. During this, people openly express their love for each other. At the same time, they promise to make their relationship even stronger. Every person wants his relationship to last a lifetime. But many times due to some misunderstandings in the relationship, the relationship starts to weaken. Which gradually becomes the reason for increasing the distance. In such a situation, instead of turning away from the partner, it is necessary to bring your relationship on track together. If you are also facing some problems in your relationship. Then these special tips from Dr. Aarti Anand, Senior Clinical Psychologist, Gurugram Hospital, can help you.

Follow these 5 expert tips to increase bonding in your relationship

1. Must spend quality time

According to psychologist Aarti Anand, it is very important to take time for each other in a relationship. This will help in understanding each other and strengthen the relationship.

No matter how busy you are, make sure to spend quality time with your partner. long distance relationship It becomes even more important for the couple, because not talking can create distance and suspicion between them. It is not necessary that both of you sit and talk for hours every day, but do take some time out for your partner throughout the day and talk to each other openly.

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The fear of losing each other sometimes becomes a reason for doubt. Image: shutterstock

2. Trust each other

The fear of losing each other sometimes becomes a reason for doubt. Because of this, we start stocking our partner even without wanting to. Along with troubling the partner, it can also cause distance in the relationship. Therefore, maintain trust in your relationship and if anything seems strange, talk openly with your partner about that.

3. Talk openly about problems

Expert Aarti Anand says that the biggest reason for the distance in the relationship is that couples do not talk openly.

Many times we ignore the problems by coming in our ego. Or wait for your partner to apologize. But to maintain the relationship, instead of running away from problems, one should talk openly. To keep the relationship strong, you should talk openly about the problems. This will clear the misunderstandings of both of you and will also increase the trust in the relationship.

4. Don’t bring things from the past into the relationship

Many times during the conversation, we bring old things between the relationships. Which can cause the partner to feel embarrassed or angry. That’s why never let old things come in your relationship. Otherwise it can become a cause of fight and quarrel between you.

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You can also make them feel special by giving small surprises. Image: shutterstock

5. Plan small surprises

It is not necessary to plan expensive dates for your partner, you can make them feel special even by giving small surprises. For this you can dedicate some poems or songs to them. Experts believe that small efforts or surprises will make the partner feel special and positively keep the relationship strong.

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