Kitchen spices are the medicine for bad throat, use this way

Sore Throat Remedies: The winter season is about to knock soon. In this season people have to face different types of problems. These problems include the problem of sore throat. Along with having trouble in speaking due to sore throat, there is also problem in eating and drinking. In such a situation, the throat needs warmth. If you want to cure a bad throat, then for this you can take the help of some effective remedies. Let us know what is the way to cure a sore throat with kitchen spices?

What to do in case of sore throat?

In case of sore throat, you can follow the following measures. Let us know about it in detail-

ginger and honey

If your throat is very bad, then ginger can prove to be a panacea for you. For this, take 1 teaspoon ginger juice. Grind a little honey and 1 pinch of black pepper in it and consume it. This will give warmth to the throat, which can relieve throat pain and infection.

Basil is beneficial

Tulsi leaves can prove to be very healthy to remove the problem of a bad throat. The properties present in basil leaves can relieve throat problems. To consume it, boil some basil leaves in 1 cup of water. Now gargle with this water. With this, problems like sore throat, sore throat, hoarseness can be removed.


To reduce the problem of sore throat or sore throat, clove and black pepper can prove to be a panacea for you. For this take a glass of warm water. Add 1 to 2 cloves, black pepper powder and honey to it and boil it well. Now drink this water like tea. This will get rid of throat infection. Along with this, other throat problems will also go away.

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