Kim Jong’s response to US-South Korea military exercise, North Korea fires ballistic missile again

Seoul: North Korea has again fired a suspicious missile into the sea. The neighboring countries of North Korea gave this information. North Korea has stepped up its testing activities in response to joint military exercises between the US and South Korea. North Korea sees these military exercises as a practice of attack on it. Japan’s Defense Ministry and Coast Guard said that North Korea fired the missile on Sunday morning. However, he did not give any further details regarding the launch.

According to South Korea’s ‘Yonhap’ news agency, the South Korean military reported that North Korea fired a ballistic missile towards its eastern waters. While it is still under investigation, if the missile launch is confirmed, it would be North Korea’s fourth weapons test since the US and South Korean military began joint military drills last week.

North Korea fires ballistic missile over Japan, alerts people

What is North Korea’s motive behind firing the missile?
North Korea believes that this joint military exercise is to prepare for an attack on it. However, the US and South Korea say that their exercises are of a defensive nature. This exercise will continue till Thursday. North Korea recently launched an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) Hwasong-17, demonstrating its military power. North Korea’s state media quoted the country’s leader Kim Jong Un as saying that the purpose of the ICBM launch was to “instill fear in the minds of enemies”.

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