Kia Motors has changed its name to Kia India


Kia Motors has changed name: Kia Motors, which has been in the Indian car market since 2019, has changed its official name. The Indian unit of Kia Motors will now be known as Kia India. Kia India itself has given information about this.

The full name of the company has now become Kia India Private Limited. Kia is a Korean car company and is known all over the world for its unique design. The Korean car company was still operating in India under the name Kia Motors.

In India, Kia plans to improve its design, features, digital service and network in the near future.

Kia Motors has changed name
Kia Motors has changed name

Kia has set up its manufacturing facility at Anantapur in Andhra Pradesh, which is the largest car manufacturing unit in India. It has the capacity to roll out 300,000 units.


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