‘Kejriwal ji come cumin! See how the factory killed ‘!


Bureau Report: During Kejriwal’s visit to Punjab, organizations angry with the Punjab government have become active. The United Front, which has been struggling against the Malbros liquor factory in Jira for one and a half years, has asked AAP supremo Arvinder Kejriwal to come to Jira. He said you have come to talk to Jalandhar businessmen, please come here too, how many villages were destroyed due to the liquor factory, people’s lives were lost. The organization has alleged that the Bhagwant government has announced the closure of the cumin factory but has not filed any reply in favor of the front in the High Court so far. Tomorrow the court will give a decision in favor of the company and again the government will say that we have to implement the court decision then what will we do.

The leaders of the front said that when the Central Pollution Control Board had declared the underground water to be poisonous and had directed further investigation, why has the government not conducted an investigation so far? The leaders involved in the front said that 4 committees of the Hon’ble government also gave a report in favor of the front, but despite this, the government is not taking its stand in the High Court. The allegations of the leaders were that Chief Minister Mann gives a statement on saving ground water in every program but why does he not give a statement in the court to close the Malbros factory completely.

The leaders alleged that the government is talking to the industrialists and making big promises. But why is the government not thinking about the damage that has been done to 80 villages along with the old industry? The front said to the supremo that you should come to the Jira front this time and meet with the people who have been struggling for one and a half years with your own eyes. Sajhan Morcha said that you have killed people by leaving poisonous water under the ground.

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