Kashmir will never be part of Pakistan: Farooq Abdullah – Daily Post Punjabi

National Conference President Farooq Abdullah said Kashmir would never be part of Pakistan. “We are part of India, even if we have to die, but we will remain part of India,” he said. He said that Farooq Abdullah had said on Wednesday that India would not exist if the trend of dividing people in the name of religion did not stop.

“Muslims, Sikhs and Hindus are being divided across the country. If it is not stopped immediately, India will not exist. “We all have to be determined and united to save India,” said Dr Abdullah. He further said that the people of Kashmir have to be brave and fight with the killers. “We have to fight these animals,” said Abdullah, a Lok Sabha member from Srinagar. Remember that Kashmir will never become Pakistan.

Expressing grief over the killing of Supinder Kaur, Abdullah said that in the 1990s, when many people left the valley in fear, the Sikh community did not leave Kashmir. “We have to keep our morale high and have courage,” he said. Praising the Sikh community, he said that there was only one Sikh community which remained after the departure of everyone. Killing a teacher who teaches young children does not serve Islam.

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