Kanpur: Leaving father’s business, working in soap factory, Piyush Jain became billionaire


The Kanpur businessman Piyush Jain from whose house crores of cash, gold and land deeds have been recovered is not a family man. Piyush first helped his father’s business Made, then a soap factory Also worked in During this time he came to know about the business of chemical compounds. Then in just a few years Piyush Jain built an empire of billions. Let’s say that after 120 hours of investigation and 50 hours of interrogation at Piyush’s locations in Kanauj and Kanpur, about 178 crores of cash, 23 kg of gold and 600 A liter of sandalwood oil has been recovered.

Leaving father business
Leaving father business

Piyush Jain, a resident of Jain Street in Chhaparpatti area of โ€‹โ€‹Kanauj, has amassed a fortune of crores with his mind. Piyush Jain’s father Kailash Chand Jain, who did his MSc in Chemistry from Kanpur University, had a small textile business in Kannauj but instead of getting involved in his father’s business, Piyush Jain started changing his fortunes by working in a detergent factory in Mumbai. Did

While working in a soap factory, Piyush Jain came to know about the business of chemical compounds. On his return to Kanauj, Piyush started making perfume chemical compounds. For this, the company was registered under the name of Odo Chem Chemicals. After making a profit from the chemical compound business, he expanded his business to gutka traders in Kanpur. The perfume business requires perfume, which is very expensive. The chemical mixture of Piyush Jain in it reduced the price of gutka but increased the aroma. Thus, Piyush became a millionaire within a few years through his knowledge of chemistry and chemical compounds.

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