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In India, Kanji is also made using red carrot, beetroot.
Fiber-rich kanji is also very helpful in boosting immunity.

Taste of Travel: Kanji is one such drink that can make anyone’s mouth water. The purple color and tangy taste of this drink is different from other drinks. Consumption of Kanji keeps the digestive system healthy. It also makes the skin shiny. The special thing is that the black carrot from which Kanji is made is not considered to have originated in India, but Kanji is purely a drink of India. By the way, the history of making Kanji in other ways in India is very old.

Nowadays spicy kanji is going on

Nowadays Kanji era is going on in India especially in North India. You will see jars of Kanji on many balconies or terraces of houses, where fermentation is going on due to the heat of the sun. This yeast rising from the heat adds flavor to the kanji and makes it spicy and tangy. It is considered to be a popular drink of the ongoing season. The method of making it is very easy. Peel, wash and cut black carrots into pieces in water. Add crushed mustard seeds, red chillies and salt to it and keep it closed in the sun. After three to four days, yeast will rise in it and the taste will change completely. Sour and pungent, this kanji turns purple due to black carrots. Carrots will also melt. This spicy kanji can be enjoyed for a week.

This kanji can also be made from red carrot, beetroot. This kanji is made in the spring season, but kanji made without these vegetables can be enjoyed throughout the year. Dal vadas are added to it to enhance its taste. This kanji is made, drunk and eaten all over India.

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Black carrot is also prepared in other ways.

The history of Kanji in India is very interesting. The reason is that Kanji is more famous than black carrots, but in India it is being prepared in a different way for thousands of years. The interesting thing is that in the early days Kanji was prepared in a different way in India and red carrot etc. was not added to it, while red carrot is considered to be the gift of India. Food historians believe that black carrots were first prepared in Afghanistan in the ninth century, but there is no description of making kanji there. The special thing is that the Ayurvedic treatise ‘Charaksamhita’, written in India about one thousand BC, describes the characteristics of red carrot, but instead of carrot kanji, the method of making radish and rice kanji (Kajink) was told in the book. Is.

Another type of kanji has been called ‘Arnal’ in this book. According to the book, Kanji purifies the sources of the body. It produces taste and also increases appetite. It is clear from these facts that there has been a continuous change in the form of Kanji, but it was definitely considered as an appetizer for the body.

Probiotic drink keeps the digestive system healthy

Not only is Kanji wonderful in terms of taste, it is wonderful in its properties as well. According to food expert and home chef Simmi Babbar, the trend of making kanji at home continues, now it is also available in the market. Now-a-days even readymade kanji has started coming. The usefulness of Kanji and its name is continuously gaining popularity. Kanji with sour and pungent taste is a probiotic drink. In fact, due to the rise of yeast, positive microorganisms are produced in it, which are considered beneficial for the body. This probiotic system continuously improves the entire digestive system of the body.

Kanji benefits

Kanji helps in increasing the immunity of the body.

If you are facing the problem of stomach gas, constipation, or nausea, then drink a cold glass full of kanji. Will get instant relief. Not only this, the appetite will also increase. Since carrots also contain fiber, the stomach system gets better. One of its specialties is that it also cleanses the liver. The positive micro-organisms found in Kanji protect the liver from infection. Consumption of Kanji also helps in increasing the immunity of the body. Since it contains sufficient amount of Vitamin C which helps in protecting the body from diseases.

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Kanji purifies the blood

According to food experts, the same vitamin C and antioxidant anthocyanin (purple color that protects against diseases) present in large numbers in Kanji prevent the degradation of body cells. Its advantage is that the skin of the body will remain shiny continuously. One of its benefits will also be that the signs of aging will slow down. Another specialty of Kanji is that it purifies the blood, due to which the blood cells remain healthy. The result of this will be that the condition of the heart will be fine. It also does not allow blood sugar to rise. The black carrots present in Kanji contain carotenoids, which are a form of vitamin A. This vitamin is considered beneficial for the eyes. That is, by drinking Kanji, the vision will be fine. Excessive consumption of kanji should be avoided. If you drink more then the problem of loose motion can arise. Its excessive consumption can cause vomiting tendency.

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