Kangana Ranaut gave advice on threats to Salman Khan

Kangana reacts to Salman’s Security: Bollywood actors Kangana Ranaut is known for her exceptional style. She is seen giving her frank opinion on issues related to the country and industry. Along with this, Kangana has recently reacted to the threats she is getting from Salman Khan.

Salman has received death threats, after which special attention is being paid to his security. Now Kangana has also advised Salman to rest. Taking the names of PM Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah, he has told how safe the country is because of them.

‘Salman Khan need not fear’

Kangana Ranaut recalls the incident that happened to her and told how she was kept safe when she was receiving threats. According to the report, Kangana Ranaut said that the country is safe in the hands of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah. So no need to worry about security. Central government has provided security to Salman Khan. In such a case, they do not need to be afraid.

‘When I was receiving threats’

Recalling the incident that happened to her, Kangana has said that when I was receiving threats, I was also given protection. Now the country is safe and no one needs to worry. Let it be known that Kangana Ranaut was granted Y category protection by the Ministry of Home Affairs in 2020. Salman Khan has also got the same security cover. In this security system, VIPs of the country get 11 security personnel. They also include 1 or 2 Commandos and 2 PSOs.

Gangster Lawrence Bishnoi’s gang sent a threatening letter to Salman Khan, in which he said to kill him. Salman’s security was increased after this letter. Salman himself has also become cautious and he has ordered a bullet proof vehicle for himself from abroad and he is traveling in this vehicle only.

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